What is Sealcoating?

A fresh coat of seal coat helps beautify your driveway, or parking lot. It can increase the value of your home, by making it have more curb appeal. A freshly seal coated, striped parking lot does increase commercial business. Who doesn’t like a nice, clean parking lot for a business?

What is Seal coating?

bulletSeal coating is a complex mixture of Chemicals Designed specifically to protect asphalt pavements such as driveways, parking lots .and road ways which is a refined coal tar emulsion which is safe for the environment which is user friendly practically odorless and does not irritate skin nor harmful to people with respiratory conditions

What Does it do?

bulletSeal coating works as a binder and a filler it binds the top layer of aggregates so that it doesn’t unravel which is common in most asphalt pavements and fills in course and rough areas to make the pavement surface evened and uniform .


How does it Work ?

bulletWhen properly mixed and properly applying and at the proper time it works as a armor for your pavements by stopping the suns harmful oxidation and absorbing the suns U v rays . And in rainy season it works as a water proofing and doesn’t allow the water to go through the pours of the pavement . When gas and oils fall from the vehicles it hits the coating and not your pavement

When should I do it?

bullet2A sealer should be put on every 2 years to properly maintain your pavement .A good sign that your pavement needs a coating is its appearance , when it turns gray , and at least 30 days after its installation in most cases and when cracks start to spread or even appear . Unsealed pavements will require repairs starting in as little as 2 to 3 years and as often as every seven years which can be costly. Properly maintaining your pavement with a seal coating will preserve the life of your pavement and save you time and money